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Templeport Development Association is a diverse group of people working together to utilise opportunities which exist to promote and develop our community, enhance the quality of life, protect the environment, and promote and safeguard our unique heritage and culture.

Templeport Development Association Committee Officers

  Isabel Rofé
Vice Chair:
  Joe O Reilly
  Sheila Mc Kiernan
Assistant Secretary:
Maria Gkinala
Joint Treasurers
  Katie Donohoe and Oliver Brady
Public Relations Officer
  Joe O'Reilly
Web Master
  Nigel Rofé
Executive Committee : Officers above plus,
Jim Ryan, Aidan Brady and Desmond Gough.

During the time the Templeport Development Association has been in existence it has achieved a number of successes.

Tourist Information sign in Bawnboy village

Above is the Tourist Information Sign which has been erected beside the bus stop in Bawnboy village.
A similar sign has been erected beside the Blackwater Bridge in Ballymacgovern.


St Mogue's Island in Templeport Lake

Another completed project, in partnership with Templeport Gun Club, has been the designation of Templeport Lake as an official wildlife sanctuary with the initiation of vermin control measures.

Templeport Lake Boathouse

The new Templeport Lake boathouse which was built in 2011 as a combined project between the Templeport Development Association and Cavan County Council was completed.


Templeport Book front cover

To coincide with the opening of the new boathouse and raise funds for it a book about Templeport was published.

This web site with tourist and other information about the area has been designed and made available.

    TDA Achievements 2017
  • Christmas 2016 A wonderful community event with about 350 people which included over 150 children to see Santa arrive on a motorcycle to switch on the 1st Bawnboy Christmas lights. Each child was presented with a gift
  • Produced 2017 calendar, the TDA main fundraiser
  • Nominated for All Ireland Community & Council Awards
  • Chef Adrian, Food and Craft event. Great success with improved awareness of local suppliers
  • TDA Facebook Page 1180 followers to date
  • Participated in An Taisce National Spring Clean litter picks
  • Developed and upgraded St. Mogue's Island Jetty with Cavan Co. Council and Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark
  • Guided bus tours of the area are in development with Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark and This is Cavan
  • Developed Wildlife Community Garden in Bawnboy
  • TDA Chairperson Isabel Rofé received a Cathaoirleach Award (These awards celebrate the work of volunteers who make a difference to their communities because of their hard work, dedication and vision
  • TDA were represented at Bawnboy Community Festival, Taste of Cavan, Virginia Agricultural Show and others
  • Organised very well supported Foraging, Nature and Heritage Workshops in conjunction with Cavan Heritage
  • Organised a Templeport Golden Way walk during the Walking Festival
  • Worked with the Cavan Leitrim Greenway and the Shannon Erne Blueway Committees
  • Working to develop potential Canoe Routes with Waterways Ireland
  • Working with Cavan Heritage on producing Architect’s Report for Historical Buildings
  • Applied for funding for an Environmental Assessment for Templeport Lake
  • Working to improve fishing facilities at Templeport Lake Wildlife Sanctuary
  • TDA & Bawnboy Gun Club erected Duck Nesting boxes at Templeport Lake Sanctuary
  • Attended Workshops on Cavan Tourism Strategy, Waterways Ireland and Historic Graveyards Network amongst others


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