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Would you like to help support the Templeport Development Association and have a templeport.ie email address?

At a meeting of the Templeport Development Association on Thursday 11th September 2008, the committee considered different forms of fund raising to support our activities including the cost of this web site. Our contract with Black Night, our hosting company, allows us a number of email addresses, some of which we have decided to make available to people who live in Templeport or have a connection with the area.

If you would like to have an email address in the form your.name@templeport.ie please read the terms and conditions then send an email to the address at the bottom of this page indicating what your connection is with Templeport and agreeing that you will send a cheque for ten Euros for one year or thirty Euros for three years made payable to the Templeport Development Association.
Don't forget to tell us the form of name you want, it would probably be first name dot second name at templeport dot ie with no spaces but you may replace the dot between your names with either a - (hyphen) or _ (underscore). We will ask you to send the cheque for ten or thirty Euro (€10 or €30) to the treasurer then we will set up your email address. We regret that we are unable to accept credit card payments.

You will be required to agree to a simple set of terms and conditions such as not using the address for illegal or harmful activities, sending or attracting spam (rubbish mail). Attachments are limited to three megabytes and your mail folder may not have more than ten megabytes in it at any time.

Email addresses are limited to two hundred and will be available on a first come, first served basis. If the name is already taken you may ask for an alternate name (or slightly change the format, order, hyphen, underscore or dot).

To apply for your email address please send an email to

To attempt to reduce the quantity of 'Spam' or rubbish mail we have hidden the email addresses from mail address collecting harvesters (Spam Bots) with a simple Java script.
If you can not see the email address link above please enable 'Java Script'.

Alternatively, you may type this address into your email: mail sales
Please be sure to make the subject line: Templeport Website Reply

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